Why Choose MG Prime Electrical Services in Brisbane?

MG Prime Electrical is one of the leading electrical contractors in Brisbane, Australia. We have delivered high quality commercial and residential electrical services to our customer since our inception. We are one of the few companies to offer end to end residential and commercial electrical solutions in brisbane, QLD with a professional path at affordable prices.


MG Prime Electrical is one of the prominent electrical contracting companies in Brisbane, QLD. We have distinguished ourselves from our competitors and peers through our exemplary service and transparent process.


Anything and Everything related to electrical service and support. We offer 360-degree solutions ranging from installation, maintenance, repair services and testing.


We are dedicated to offering reliable and secure services in our chosen field. We treat all consumers with the same level of attention and create feasible solutions based on the client’s requirements.


Transparent and Effective Solutions

MG Prime Electrical was conceptualised with a single goal in mind. We wanted to revolutionise the electrical contracting segment through our operations. Our company envision being the leaders and pioneers in the industry by standardising consumer care. We have developed a stringent protocol which invokes the need for a transparent and professional methodology.

Our clients and partners have highly appreciated our transparent working system. Our professional technique allows us to maintain the standard of consumer care and reduce cost. Our team of specialists are trained and certified by the industry norms, and they are equipped to formulate customised plans based on the client’s requirements.

There are specific key features and highlights which help us surpass the expectations of our consumers. Our dedicated customer support has given us the opportunity to serve our clients round the clock. We have a shorter turnaround time within we respond to the client’s requirements. We formulate the viable plan and get proper approvals before the commencement of the project.

The client is kept in the circuit at all times and care is taken to offer the most feasible solutions. We maintain professionalism at all times during and after the project completion. Our team is hand-picked, verified and trained before deployment. Our budget system is done with the utmost scrutiny to avoid unnecessary cost and offer the most reasonable commercials to our clientele.


Our works stand as a testimony to the prowess of our team and the efficiency of the company. We plan and create electrical marvels to amaze our consumers. Our products and solutions have extended durability and offer the maximum protection to our clientele.


Dedicated to serving the citizens of Brisbane, Australia, MG Prime Electrical believes in creating a change in the electrical contracting industry through our services. We infuse professionalism and transparency in all our actions and solutions offered to the consumer.

Electrical Safety Inspection

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