Smoke Alarm Legislation

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Smoke Alarm Legislation.
It’s not an option, smoke alarm legislation is the law

New legislation as set out in the Fire and Emergency Services (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Act 2016 and the Building Fire Safety
(Domestic Smoke Alarms) Legislation Amendment Regulation 2016, requires Queensland landlords to ensure a higher level of safety in their
rental properties.
These new requirements to be in place by January 1, 2022 for rental properties, necessitate the following additional measures, over and above
the standards set out in the Fire and Rescue Services Amendment Act 2006 and are as follows:
• Smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom of a home
• All smoke alarms must be powered by either 240 volt or 10 year lithium battery
• All smoke alarms must be interconnected to each other
• All smoke alarms must be photoelectric rather than ionisation
There is an ongoing responsibility to have smoke alarms tested and cleaned within 30 days prior to each tenancy change or renewal. Batteries
must also be replaced where needed and alarms replaced prior to their expiry date.

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